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Current Classes

Fall 2023: Word Explorers

For: children 2-4 years old (adult participation required)

Dates: Fri Sept. 15th - Oct 27th (no class 10/6)

Time: 3:30 pm- 4:15 pm

Location: Pop Art! Kids Sensory Art &
Learning Studio

Cost: $245 for semester (6 classes); Spots are first come, first serve

  Register Here:  

Class Experience:


Word Explorers is a hands-on, parent-child playgroup focused on promoting language development and social communication skills through sensory-motor activities and caregiver coaching! This class is neurodiversity-affirming, led by a licensed speech-language pathologist, and emphasizes the exploration of Colors and The Five Senses through open-ended, child-led exploration and play.


Children will have the opportunity to regulate their bodies and minds in the sensory playroom (think swinging, climbing, and jumping), explore and create with a variety of themed textures and materials in the art room, and engage in hands-on music and movement experiences. Once regulated and moving, children will have a greater capacity to make connections between experiences and words.


Children are invited to play with or alongside others, make choices, take turns, self-advocate, problem-solve, and explore without judgment, criticism, or correction. In doing so, they will gain independence and confidence, develop social-language skills, and build a trusting and creative bond with their parent or caregiver.


Caregivers will walk away with a new understanding of “play,” strategies for speech and language development, and new ideas about how their child learns and processes sensory information.


This class meets for 6 weeks and has a clinical language focus. It works well for children ages 2-4 who are “late talkers,” have only a few words or sounds, have difficulty combining words in novel ways, or communicate using scripts or echolalia. This is a wonderful experience for any caregiver important to your child (e.g., parent, nanny, grandparent, etc.) 


This aims to be a supportive and judgment-free environment. We welcome children who face challenges participating in other classes (either for internal or external reasons) and their parents, as all children have the right to communicate and to engage in fun, meaningful leisure experiences, regardless of neurotype or developmental level!

Class Requirements: Indoor shoes or socks only in the studio. Adult participation is required.


* Contact Every Mind Speech with any questions or for more information

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